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ultimate SEO plugin puts some wierd letters in description  tags instead of latin letters.

This is example:

U odgovorima možete napisati...

And this is how it should look like:

U odgovorima možete napisati...

As you can see there is ž instead of ž

Is there way to solve that?

Q2A version: 1.8.1

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Ok, I found solution. In layer.php comment this line:

$description = htmlspecialchars(@$this->content['description']);

and paste this one:

$description = html_entity_decode(html_entity_decode(@$this->content['description'], ENT_QUOTES | ENT_HTML5, "ISO-8859-15"));

There is double conversion as you can see, and that is only way I found. Maybe there is better way, but my PHP knowlage is very limited.

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Did you translate it yourself? If not, install a new one.
I didn't translate but I made modifications (like minor bug fixes, I didn't touch this part).