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Trying out Q&A - love it

I've installed v1.4 in a sub-directory of a sub-domain. Standard login/logout works fine.

I can log on with Facebook, but I am unable to logout (not found error).  Q&A is looking in the root directory i.e. "mysubdomain.example.com/logout".  If I manually type into the browser "mysubdomain.example.com/Q&ASubDirectory/logout" it sometimes allows me to logout.

I notice logout on this "board" works for FB, so is it something I've done, or is anyone aware of a quick fix, before I wade through the code?

Thanks for any info.

link in email to confirm new users email address also omits sub-directory
uncommenting rewritebase in htaccess and inseting my subdir doesn't solve the problem (in fact ask? is also not found via this route).

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