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I tried to use the Ask Box widget and have two issues:

1.) I selected "Show widget in this position on all available pages" but it is only shown on very few. When I select the pages one by one, then it is shown on all of them.

2.) I am using my own theme and the ask box is not displayed on the page. I found out so far that it is related with qa-theme.php. I am using a custom file. When I renmove it from the folder, then the ask box appears. What do I have to add to the qa-theme.php fil in order to show the ask Box?

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I'm not sure, but it sounds like you may have copied the entire qa-theme-base.php class into your qa-theme.php file, instead of only overriding specific functions. In any event, you need to look for calls to $this->widgets(...) in qa-theme-base.php to see how and where widgets are inserted.