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It would be nice if the "related questions" that would show after someone enters their question initially would show up as "tips" when typing the question. I see that this can be done on the full "Ask a question" page but I would like it to be present in the ask widget.
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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I also wanted to make add search autocomplete.
I found out that autocomplete option is already built in the code, and is used when someone is asking (not searching) a question on the ask page.

I added a search box to my theme's hearder (you may alrady have your search box somewhere)

<input type="text" placeholder="Find your answer..." name="q" onkeyup="qa_title_change_search(this.value);" autocomplete="off" required>

Then I added the a span which will display the suggested questions just below the search box:

<span id="similar_search"></span>


Now I went to qa-ask.js and based on this function "qa_title_change"(which is used for the autocomplete while asking a question) I careated the function: "qa_title_change_search"

function qa_title_change_search(value) {
    qa_ajax_post('asktitle', { title: value }, function (lines) {
        if (lines[0] == '1') {
            if (lines[1].length) {
                qa_tags_examples = lines[1];
            if (lines.length > 2) {
                var simelem = document.getElementById('similar_search');
                if (simelem)
                    simelem.innerHTML = lines.slice(2).join('\n');
        } else if (lines[0] == '0')
    qa_show_waiting_after(document.getElementById('similar_search'), true);
If you want to change the line displayed before the suggested questions, you can look for "ask_same_q" in qa-lan-question.php (be default it is: "Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already:")