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I have a sitemap in more than 700 pages And Google can recognize only one For a long time. And I get an error message from Google "approach is not possible".

I use Hebrew language Maybe that's what bothers?



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Please it is very important

I am attaching files (ScreenshotsOf the Google account.




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Google can read the sitemap just fine. It has just not indexed the URLs yet. You probably wanna get some links to your site from reputable sites so it will notice the site more.

In the first image, the sitemap shows a tick next to it which means the formatting is OK.

The second one says "1,010 submitted URLs; 0 in web index".

The third has a "not found" error which is nothing to do with the sitemap. That usually happens when there is a problem connecting to the database and PHP (unhelpfully) adds a link to the "mysql.connect" documentation, which does not exist on your site.

First off thank you
From what I understand I need to give it some time?
Am I right? How long it takes Google to identify at least some of my pages?