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I can see avatars in this Q2A forum so I know that functionality exists. However, I can't see where in the backend of my Q2A installation I need to go to enable/activate avatars. I feel a bit silly asking this question but I just can't find it at all.

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You want to go to the 'Users' tab in the Admin where you can choose what size avatars show up in all different pages on your site.
Thanks. This is really weird but the Users tab in the Admin of my Q2A installation doesn't show this. The only thing listed in the Users tab is the ability to add user titles based on points.
You can try it on the demo site by logging in as demo admin http://demo.question2answer.org/admin/users

Perhaps you are using an older version before there were avatars
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OK, so it turns out that I can't get the avatar settings while the WP integration is enabled.
Hello, I have WP integration enabled also and running in the same issue, the avatars are not available under the admin=>users options. Any resolution or workaround for this?
This has been fixed for version 1.5.3 of Q2A, which will display WordPress avatars on posts.