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I am attempting to implement the following code in my qa-config file in order to get the questions list to display on my home page

  'questions' => '',
I am for some reason getting category links which include a //
Any workarounds?
I am also noticing that each time I navigate to a category page and then back to the home page and then to a category page again it adds an additional /.  Looks like a bug.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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Anyone fix this bug ???
I will look into it for the next maintenance release. There is a general bug at the moment in modifying the home page to show a list of questions, activity, etc..., when there are also categories defined on the site.
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Was this problem solved with the latest version of q2a?

I just noticed I have this problem as well.

It happened after adding top level categories with subs. Before that everything was fine.

Any easy fix?

Tried htaccess but that didn't work for me.
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This should be fixed by 1.5.2.

I've updated and the double forward slashes were gone.

However, instead, I got the word 'activity' in the URL when I tried to access a category from the all activity page.

So, prior updating it was like:


then after update it got:


(which is exactly the same page as: domain.com/politics...)

So I reversed the update.

Instead, I added this line to function qa_path(...) in qa-base.php:

$url = str_replace('//','/',$url);

(just before the return statement)

Now everything is fine! :-)