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Snowhub is a great theme but it has so many colors that it feels like a kid at one point. Although I agreed to all of those colors while developing the theme, after using it for so long I felt it was time to change it.

Snowhub is basically a short version of Snowflat.

If you like the theme, leave your word for it (it helps keep me motivated). I think I will revise this theme in the future too so I would be glad if anyone would like to join it.

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wow..... It's Very nice theme....
Thank You
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hi, i installed the theme but it happens. only returns to normal if I delete the snowhub theme. What can it be? already tested in versions 1.7.4, 1.7.5 and 1.8.3foto

Hello, I have tested this theme on my site. The theme working on my site. My Q2A version 1.8.3
How to use in version 1.7.5? I can't upgrade to 1.7.8 for other things.