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I'm fan of this open-source (Q2A). I've been using the system for many years, even since the development of the first versions of the Gidgreen site. There were new versions every month when there was Gidgreen.

Later Scott was responsible for developing the project. Then I have recognized that the development of the system has slowed down. Pupi1985, Q2APro, Sama55, Jatin.Soni also made a great contribution to the development of the site. Of course, I know that it will take a lot of time, but many sites are working based on Q2A. I think the owners of these sites are not against the development of the system Q2A. Therefore, it would be a good idea to organise the donation among users of the system for the development.

For example, I could donate $100-150 every two months. What do you think about raising funds in this way for system development?

You can do as on this site: https://opencollective.com/flarum

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We have also been using Q2A now for 5+ years and though we do not have great revenue -- Google Ad click for education content pays on average less than 0.1$ -- we should be able to donate like 100$ once every 1-2 months. Infact we already have started a subscription option for users with a percentage of it dedicated to Q2A. One bad thing about Q2A is only a few developers like Pupi maintains their plugins.
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A Developers Funding Program is a great idea and would definitely help engage the development of the Q2A platform, but the slowed down development is also a normal organic curve.

Well this is also an organic curve,

In the beginning there was a lot of things that needed to be developed and sanded before the embryo became a fetus, so commits were being pushed often.
As the years go by, this things start to get more and more in shape, until eventually they reach its final form, so less commits are being pushed because the fetus is mostly done formed.

Once the fetus is final formed, the less necessary feature implementations are required, so this becomes the miscellaneous phase. The miscellaneous phase, it's about all the little miscellaneous things that reinforce the product as a whole, this is where the hair, eyebrows and other features happen, right.
As they are little changes, there's no point in pushing them one by one on a product update but it's rather smarter to gather them all into a bulk update.

So all this little things get queued, in case a possible major future update comes in motion.

So this is why I say this is a normal organic curve.

An update I believe would be a game changer, is the way themes are implemented. If the way themes were handled in Q2A had the same concept as WordPress, this would be huge. Themes would become a lot more malleable and extendable. But that would require a MAJOR core transformation. in which maybe it would only be possible if there were a Developers funding program.

A Developers Funding Program has emerged before in previous conversations, but so far hasn't emerged as an official program. But that can't also happen if the developers don't gather around and discuss this possibility, which is good you started this thread to come to attention that there's actually people that'd be down to help the community grow in a financially way.

I'm not saying you could quit your daily job to work solely on Q2A, but a lot more effort and time would be spent towards it. Maybe even new developers would join.

in any case I'm very grateful for the new modern themes you brought to Q2A
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Thanks @codedz :)
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I totally argee with you!

The development are slow down and we need to join hands to push it up! I always wish I can support the Q2A developers not just from buying premium stuffs. 

P.s: here is a related post: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/47757/how-would-you-feel-about-kickstarter-for-plugin-development

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I agree with you!

The development is slow down and we need to join hands to push it up! I always wish I can support the Q2A developers not just from buying premium stuff.
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I think q2a should develop his own notification system - this is the only thing I miss.

Ops.. and users should block each other.

Id pay monthly, something like patreon, for q2a development.
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I can donate 50$ if there's a payment method other than Paypal. PayPal can not be used in Turkey.
If you are able to find this thing then please let me know as well. I Have been looking for this since very long.