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Hello !
I'm worried about future of Q2A - still no news from main developers, no new plugins, everything stopped now. It's reallly big difference in opposite of this, what was here 1-2 years ago...

So - I need to know. Especially from You, @Scott . Are You have important plans for future of Q2A and I can still use this engine, with possible new updates in future or You're going to finish development of Q2A ?

I have important site for our company on Q2A now, some strategic project, and I need to know this.

Q2A version: 1.7.4
"no new plugins, everything stopped now"

???no new plugins?
very rarely in opposite to frequency from 1-2 years ago...
Complete Editor/Image Experience: https://github.com/donShakespeare/TinymceWrapperQ2A

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Yes Q2A is still in development. Recently it's been impossible for me to find any spare time due to paid work, I've had a couple of big projects that I've been working on since May (and have been flat-out since August).

That's coming to an end early October, so although I'll still have work on, it won't be as hectic and I should be able to find time for Q2A.

Rest assured that Q2A is never far from my mind though, I've been keeping an eye on the Q&A here and the Github repo regularly.
@Scott, thank you for the update. It will be good if you tell approximate date about next release and features planned on some page, and provide link to that page in sidebar below "Mar 15, 2016: Q2A 1.7.4 released."
I thank you all Q2A Developeres