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I like the "mouse-over" for question - to be able to read the question text without opening the question which you introduced with 1.4.1  :)

This feature would also be very helpful  while asking new question for the section:
"Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already:"

If the user could read the proposed existing question texts to check if the own new question was already asked before -- without even clicking on the proposals...

what do you think?

edited 03.08.2011 :

If you are not afraid in changing the source: Here is how to do it for version 1.4.1:

open qa-include\qa-ajax-asktitle.php

1.) change in line 52:  false  -->  true

qa_db_search_posts_selectspec(null, qa_string_to_words($intitle), null, null, null, null, 0, true, $countqs) 


2.) add in line 105 (behind maxcount=...):


3.) change/add line 115 to (all in one line):

'<A title="'.qa_html(qa_shorten_string_line(qa_viewer_text($question['content'],
$question['format'],array('blockwordspreg' => $blockwordspreg)), $maxlength)).'" HREF="'.qa_path_html(qa_q_request($question['postid'], $question['title'])).'" TARGET="_blank">'.$question['title'].'</A><BR/>',

that's all  -  good luck  smiley

Thanks, but is there is no way to use this as plugin ? Becouse it will gone after update.
Up to now unfortunately I've got no clue how to catch / combine this ajax stuff as a trigger in plugins...

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Tiny but usefull feature +1.
"Best answer" lol