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I'm working on a fork of this cms and the client of the portal wants there to be a validation of the title of a question, to avoid publishing posts with a title like:

lakjdjsadlkj asdklaksj das djalskjd?

Is there a solution in q2a for this purpose?

I'm thinking of taking the string from the question title and converting it to an array of words, comparing each word with a dictionary and with a criterion passing the post to moderation.

excuse the wording, but english is not my native language.

Even Google uses human laborers to rate the quality of their search results. There is no such things for this to work effectively. Your client is over anxious, if the portal is really active, its users will flag those things as spam.  Kids don't normally come to a site and type a dozen of meaningless questions, they just don't have time for this.
If your client is really worried about spam, tell them to put common spam words in the blacklist.

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