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Is there any possibility that users will be able to add custom things to their profile such as there own css for their page and admins to add custom profile fields?

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I like this idea, but it shouldn't be editable by the user it should be set by the administrator. I think there should be some sort of user character to each and every persons profile.
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I disagree with this. The user page is only really there to convey information like questions asked/answered. It's not a "personal home page". Even with limited choices, user pages will end up looking horrible like myspace.

EDIT: to reply to the comment: for custom fields, yes this is a good request every Q&A site is different and it's nice for users to have the option to add things like "favourite xyz". (I'd probably also get rid of the 'Full name' field since I don't really care for it.)

But you still said about users adding their own CSS, which I do think is a bad idea and that WILL make their pages look like myspace...
No that is not what I mean at all, I don't want them to be able to edit it like a myspace profile hell no. I meant that the administrator can add other forms such as "Make of Computer:" "Internet Speed:" etc.. so that the user can fill those profile info out.
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I can see why this can be useful for some sites. To do this, you should modify two files - qa-page-account.php to allow people to set this information, and qa-page-user.php to display this information for other users. In each file, look for what's done with the location field (search for location anywhere in words), and reproduce that for any other field you want.