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I've selected the SEO method for URLs. It's working great, and just about perfect, but was wondering who knows how to htaccess out the /#/ from the urls.

Current URL structure: mysite.com/573/example-question

I don't want the /573/ in the URL. What I'd like is:

Desired URL structure: mysite.com/example-question

Of course, it would be nice for both URLs to show the same content. This way, the URLs that Google, etc have already indexed will not end up at broken links on my site.

Any ideas? Thanks!
Q2A version: 1.5

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Woops. Missed that in my search. Thanks. Still, it would be nice to be able to eliminate the /#/ from the URL. I'm not interested in it for SEO purposes, but rather for user-reader friendliness factor. Exact question matches could always be added a number at the end, like /why-do-birds-fly, /why-do-birds-fly-1, /why-do-birds-fly-2, etc.