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I want to use HTML on questions & answers. Kindly share some ideas
Q2A version: 1.8
Do you mean some Rich text or WYSIWYG editor? You can activate CKeditor which is bundled with Q2a core. If you need more options, you should use a customized CKeditor from CKeditor Build website.

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Q2A comes with CKEditor which allows posting HTML. If you want to be able to type actual HTML code instead of a visual editor like CK then there are 2 options:

1. Add the Source button to CKEditor. This is done by editing qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor/ckeditor/config.js and adding 'Source' to one of the lists under config.toolbar

2. Create your own editor plugin (see docs). You can copy qa-include/plugins/qa-editor-basic.php and set the format to 'html'. That should give you a plain text box to enter HTML in.

for the first opertion,can you give  me an example?