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It does not show the actual number of users and does not show who is on the site from a mobile

can eat already corrected? Paid plugins are not interested, it has always been a simple plugin.
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What does an eating disorder have to do with paid plugins not being interesting and the free 'Online Users' plugin not showing the current users counter correctly?

I will buy all your themes and put them in free access
I have themes?! I thought you said I've never contributed to Q2A before.
I've been tracking your actions and behavior (mostly on premium content, I've noticed) all over the community for a while now. Don't think your bad, nonsense attacks, hatred, unethical and childish behavior has gone unnoticed.

An opportunity and benefit of the doubt was given to you. Perhaps this person was having a bad day, perhaps had a bad experience with some Q2A merchant and can't put it into words. But instead I keep seeing this same toxic pattern and behavior emerging.
I think it's time to take a break and self-evaluate your actions and behaviour in this community.
thank you for addressing this issue the way it is meant to be addressed