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Online User and Visit Count  Is a New Version of Online User Count 

Changelog :

- Working With Mysqli

- Add Visit Count On Widget

- Add Option For Active Or Deactive Visit Count On Widget

by Ali Sayahiyan @ Question2Answer Farsi.

preview of widget :

preview of options : 

you can download plugin from : 


Tested On Q2A V1.7 & V1.6.3 With Snow Theme

If you want to Change css , go to pluginfolder/css/style.css



Q2A version: 1.6 +
Parsi, Would you please update this to work with 1.7????


1 Answer

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I tested this plugin,

the number of online users it shows is wrong!!!!!

I new i had over 10 users online and google analytics were also showing 10 users online but this plugin said 1 user online. May be it meant one user online in that page !