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Can someone make very simple looking but the fastest and responsive theme which will get high score on google page speed ?

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Hey Zeeshan,

I've been thinking about developing a free theme for a while now actually. A theme with a more modern looking design.
Maybe I'll start working on something out once I get some free time here and there.

I do realize that by doing this I'll be putting myself out of business tho, because with my OCD, I think I'll end up creating something that's better than expected and people will just use this new theme and lose interest in all my premium themes on the shop.

So this is kinda of a sensitive line because the shop is part of what's helping me get my everyday bread, so I can eat.

Hence why I tried to introduce the Freemium themes program in the beginning of the year, but it wasn't so well received.

Create simple theme with less price so that everyone will buy....
You know, now that Muffin is off-market for good, maybe it could be the default theme?