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I would like to have a wildcard-search for tags.

e.g. something like "index.php?qa=tag&qa_1=feature%"
should find all questions with the tags beginning with feature - like feature-request, feature-suggestion, feature etc...

for testing I've modified the function qa_db_tag_recent_qs_selectspec in  qa-db-selects.php in a way that I replaced = with a like  but without success...

$selectspec['source'].=" JOIN (SELECT postid FROM ^posttags WHERE wordid = (SELECT wordid FROM ^words WHERE word like $ AND word like $ COLLATE utf8_bin LIMIT 1) ORDER BY postcreated DESC LIMIT #,#) y ON ^posts.postid=y.postid";

feature%  returns nothing at all
feature-%  returns just one questions with tag feature-request
feature-s% returns just one questions with tag feature-suggestion

does anybody has any hint for this?

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Tag Search is an interesting idea, it should be a plugin.