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When the above questions get a lot of answers, the homepage order changes. It is ranked according to the last question, not the last answer.

why? and how can i fixed
Q2A version: 1.8.4
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yorumladı = answered

yazdı = asked

same page (home page) top is normal but bottom is bug

top screen https://prnt.sc/t69z25

bottom screen https://prnt.sc/t69zpi

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The questions on the main page are reordered by interaction. Instead there is a "new questions" page, this meets your needs
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It is already sorted by the interaction I want. But it is sorted up like new questions.
Dostum sitende bir test için cevap attım ve etkileşime göre sıralanıyor. Yani istediğin gibi sıralanıyor.

 Dude I answered for a test on your site and it is ranked by interaction. So it is sorted as you wish.
no dude, no.. :)