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Here's the scenario. Let's say, a question may have a few different tags. And the total number of tags in the system is limited (say a dozen). Questions are actually added by admins only.

Example of tags: blue, red, green, black, big, small, giant, cheap, expensive, free

Is there a way that we can list questions that contain two or more tags? For example: I need to show questions that are green, big, and free.

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One way of offering this feature is implementing search filters via search module. There's a (premium) plugin called Advanced Search that might be helpful for this purpose; users might enter:

+tag:green +tag:big +tag:free

for getting a listing of questions that are green, big, and free.

Even if you decided not to buy it, knowing about it would give you useful information:

  • It is doable
  • It is possible via plugin
  • It can give you some ideas for rolling your own.

I hope it helps.

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Thanks jair for caring.  I even found a better plugin, that is tag search plugin by Arjun Suresh.

But after a while, I found a drawback of those plugins. Tags in my case are more complicated because they contain more than 2 words.

The only way is to make those tags hyphenated, rather than a more friendly way in which words are separated, just like in Wordpress.

Anyway, thank you.
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You're welcome! Oh, I didn't know about this free plugin:

Thanks to you for sharing.
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@teddydoors You can raise an issue on github if you are having that an issue. Ideally the plugin should support any tag which q2a supports like having spaces too.
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I was thinking about that too thanks!