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The question and answer forms contain a checkbox for allowing the user to be notified by mail if there is a response to the question or answer. There is an option to leave the checkbox unchecked by default, but users can still enable it.

That is fine for registered users (who confirmed their e-mail address). However, the checkbox and address field are also available for anonymous users, who could just enter an arbitrary e-mail address, and thus have notifications go to some rando on the internet.

Should there be an option to disable this field entirely for anonymous users?
Q2A version: 1.8.4
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Yes, this option should be disabled for anonymous users.
Hmm, interesting point. Perhaps sending people an opt-in email to confirm their email address would be a good idea. Or a way to opt-out if you receive an email you didn't ask for.
IMO the opt-in is already covered by the registration process. People who want to get notified probably will register anyway.

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