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From a few hours I see only a blank, white page on my Q2A site. I didn't do anything with the site in the last time, it happens without my participation. To check if it is a problem with database I set up a new site on the other domain and connected it with the same database and it works properly. So it looks like database is fine.

What could go wrong and what should I do to find it?

UPDATE: My site is working fine now! I didn't do anything, it just repairs itself. Strange situation, can anyone explain what was it? Any hacking attack or what?

Q2A version: 1.8.5.
A blank page usually means that the PHP code threw an error and stopped rendering the page. There should be more information in your webserver logs about what went wrong.
I just saw this on my site on mobile. But after a few minutes it became fine. Will continue watching

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