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Just upgraded to 1.3 beta from 1.2 most recent release.  1.2 worked fine on IIS7, using a remote Mysql server.  

Nothing else has changed, just moved (copied) files from beta into my site's Q2A directory.  When it loads there is just a blank white screen.  Does not give me the option to update DB.

Next i created a blank DB, thinking maybe the connection data was chached.  But sitll the same blank page.  I have restarted the machine and IIS.  I have recycled the application pool.

I dont have a linux box to test on, but i am suspecting this is not an IIS7 related problem since 1.2 and other php applications work fine without any glitches.

Is there a trace file i can look at?  Is there a problem with my download?
Do you have access to your web server's error logs, where it would write any errors that were returned by the PHP module? If so please post the last few lines immediately after you request a page from your Q2A site.
I had to modify php.ini display errors to on to see what is going on.
Now when i load the 1.3 for the first time it reads...

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\Web Sites\Flashtopia\FlashTopia.com\ask\qa-plugin\facebook-login\qa-facebook-login.php on line 187
The weird part is it throws a line number that does not exist.  The script ends at line 186.  I tried closing the script with ?> and no luck,

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I think I've answered this here.