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please help me! This is my website

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closed with the note: Problem solved! Problem was in qa-config.php
You must tell more about what you did with avatar settings, or related plugins, or blob table, or image folders or some other activities. For example, you move images to disk, but you accidentally delete it. You may install a plugin to change avatars but the files are unreadable, or you install an outdated plugin in which the avatar code is no longer supported.
Log in with your account and see if you can change your avatar. You can't solve if you don't know what causes.

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You installed a plugin that requires users to fill in profile details including an avatar but you didn't create a default user avatar or you did it wrongly.
There is a file named error_log in your installation folder. Maybe, the information in there can help other people solve your problem.
Thanks. I am working on it!
It seems you are struggling. Better contact your hosting provider to restore your backup site before it's too late.
I have solved the problem, brother!
The problem was in qa-config.php
I put a wrong code. Yesterday, I found the mistake and solved. Thank you again!