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Q2A Event logger plugin disabled but when refresh the plugin page in admin section it automatically enabled.

First I disabled the plugin. It is then disabled successfully but when I refresh the plugin page then I see it is enabled automatically again.

Please help me how to resolve the issue.
Q2A version: 1.8.5

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You didn't click "Save" button at the end of the Plugins page.
Here are the list of plugin I am using:

AntiBot Captcha v1.1 by Krzysztof Kielce (latest)

Badges Q2A v4.9.3 by NoahY (extended by Chun) (disabled)

Category/Tag Email Notification v1.2 by Amiya Sahu (disabled)

Chat Room v1.8 by Scott Vivian (enabled)

Event Logger v1.1 by Question2Answer (enabled automatically even if I disable this)

Example Page v1.1 by Question2Answer (enabled)

On-Site-Notifications v1.2 by q2apro.com (enabled)

Remind Users after Registration v0.1 by q2apro.com (disabled)
I believe some plugins that need information from event log might be the cause. The plugin author may insert settings in qa_options table, which makes event logger automatically enabled. Such plugins are often those that output user activities. You only worry if you don't have such plugins but the event logger plugin stays enabled.
On-Site-Notifications plugin is the one.
Thank you @teddydoors, Your advice helped me finding the plugin which is causing the event logger plugin to enable automatically.

It is On-Site-Notifications v1.2 by q2apro.com which is causing it to be enabled.

Thanks again!