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Say I decide to build a completely new custom question and answer website or move my Q2A users with their questions and answers to another platform other that Q2A. Would this be possible? If yes, would it be a challenging task?

Yes. And yes.
Thanks for your reply. Why could it be a challenge? Is there no standard way to do that?
Please can you highlight some of the potential challenges I might face?
Are these challenges that can easily be sorted if I hire someone skilled to do it?

You need to migrate data from a backend with one schema to a backend with another schema. You need to map the data between the schemas, which may include dropping some source data and/or generating some additional data for the destination. Also, if you have (encrypted) credentials stored in the database the other platform needs to support that format. Otherwise you'll be stuck with resetting user passwords. Then there's the issue with downtime during the migration. And probably a couple other things I forgot.

All in all it's not rocket science, but I would strongly recommend getting someone who already has done this kind of thing before and has at least some level of experience with both source and destination platform.
Thank you! Really appreciate that. Just want to know one way or the other, it can be done. Cheers!

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