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Just take a look whats happen when I add facebook login...oh my good.......


php.ini......I see.but where do I find it...... a realy dont know.
I wouldn't say you can completely ignore notices because you might let some bugs slip by. See the first note here: http://php.net/manual/en/errorfunc.configuration.php
But if everything is working as expected (apart from the notices being displayed) then it should be fine.
Well, not ignore them then, but for goodness sake don't display them on the pages of a production site :)

I believe you can create a new php.ini in your home directory and just put display_errors=Off in that file... not sure though; if you are on a dedicated host, it should be in /etc/php5 or something like that (on Ubuntu with Apache2 it's in /etc/php5/apache2)
wow I get it .I just add "error_reporting(0);" in the top of PHP file that gives me the error...till now going good thank you.

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