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we have setup Q2A and encounter the following error: every time we change something on the general tab of the admin panel, the site is not reachable from the same IP address anymore unless we reconnect our router and get a new address.

It works from other IP addresses though.

What causes this problem and how to fix it?

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What version if Q2A are you using? It sounds like an old issue we had with Apache mod_security. See here for details. But it should be fixed in the latest version of Q2A (1.8)

I think the line numbers given in that answer will be wrong now so look for the code that's similar to this:

'<iframe src="' . qa_path_html('url/test/' . QA_URL_TEST_STRING, array('dummy' => '', 'param' => QA_URL_TEST_STRING), null, $rawoption) . '" width="20" height="16" style="vertical-align:middle; border:0" scrolling="no"></iframe>&nbsp;' .

and comment it out, see if it fixes the issue.