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I'm using the edit-history plugin on my forum, but would like to suggest two modifications:

  • The link to the revisions page is on the "when" field, but should be on the "what" field as is the case with other actions (like answered, or commented).
  • It should be possible to disable the stylesheet shipped with the plugin, so that people can apply styles from their own themes. Currently the only way to achieve that is to remove the stylesheet from the plugin directory, which works, but feels somewhat ... ham-fisted.

I can submit PRs for both changes if that's okay.

Q2A version: 1.8.5

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I'll take that as a "no, thank you," then.


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Hi, thanks for the suggestions.

For the link, it used to be like that but was changed. I forget the exact technical reasons but it was something to do with different actions being shown like 'closed', 'reshown' instead of 'edited'. Or them not being shown at all in some circumstances.

For the CSS thing I'd be happy to accept a PR. I didn't bother doing that in the past as the revisions page isn't fully public, and the CSS is only small, so there's no real performance benefit to moving it elsewhere. You can edit the revisions.css file yourself if needed.
Done (for the CSS option). Let me know if I should submit a PR for the link change as well. It's a single line change (replacing "$post['when_2']['data'] = ..." with "$post['what_2'] = ..."), and I didn't notice any issues when I tested it with my theme (only the most recent of {answered|selected|edited} is displayed anyway).
Scott, it's fine if you're busy. But if you're too busy to review and either accept or reject a simple PR in almost 2 months: don't request it in the first place. I'm not too fond of wasting my time either.