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i know how write article in the wordpress but how i write in q2a script ? I mean the question part it will be for seo or only the answer? Because the answer it become in the meta description after i publish the answer. And in the question only the title that appears in google.
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Q2A shortens the question body text and puts it in meta description. Please note that this sentence is not good because Q2A only gets some first words and some last words, making a meaningless sentence. However if a Google users type a query (for example, a three-word phrase), Google may show the paragraph that matches better with query. Oftentimes, it's the answer content.

 It's best that the three-word phrase appears in the question title. It's good if it reappears a few more times in the question or answer content.

If you write the questions yourself, keep the question content short, so that Q2A won't break it.

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Question and Answer not like blogging , You need to have tow person , one ask a question and others give answers .

If you want blogging on Q2A Core , on Question focus on search title , on Answer focus on

Keywords and h2 h3 tags , and internal link for On Page SEO .