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I suddenly realize that I wasted a lot of views because Google Adsense ads don't load every time.

I have some pages that rank very well in Google search. However, the bitter thing is Google Adsense ads don't load on those pages.

After some tests, here's something I learn about my site, and maybe it's true to some other Q&A sites.

  • Ads almost always load on your main homepage.
  • Ads almost rarely load on questions without answers or those with short answers.
  • Ads sometimes never load on questions even though it has a good and long answer. (What the fridge!)
  • Adding related questions section does increase your chance of showing ads.
  • Related questions with just titles and view counts like in Quora perform poorly, compared to ones with more information, especially with the short description.
  • A question page with 20 related questions performs poorly, compared to the homepage even though the home page also has nothing but a list of 20 questions.
  • It's so funny that if you use the code print_r($question); which displays the values of all question array keys, the more chance Google serves ads. So technically, Adsense requires more texts!!!
  • It seems that auto ads show ads more frequently than if you load ads in fixed positions.

I think Q&A sites in general are pissed. Google treats Q&A sites like the way they treat blogging sites, and seem to favor pages with lengthy texts with things like table of contents, the bottom line, etc...

closed with the note: I have some other tricks but pricks should find the solution themselves.
G loves lengthy content. It doesn't matter if it is blog, Q&A website, forum...

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You need to put long content to let Google Adsense chose best ads for your content.

Google not show ads for short content anymore .
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i have 2 websites but they recieve copyrights from google so i can not add google ads on it