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How to remove the registration? I want users to login just with the name

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I'm putting together a site integrated with WordPress.  The following worked for me:

  • In ./qa-include/qa-external-users-wp.php:  change line 44 to 'register' => '', to get rid of the register link in upper right of each page.
  • In lines 133 and 144 of ./qa-include/qa-lang-main.php, delete “ or ^3register^4” to prevent the registration prompt when viewing questions or voting on them.
  • Make the same change in lines 34 and 54 of ./qa-include/qa-lang-misc.php.
  • Make the same change in lines 42, 49, 64, 79 and 90 of ./qa-include/qa-lang-question.php.

I don't know how much this will help if you are not integrating with WordPress.