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I made the breadcrumb settings from the link below. https://www.question2answer.org/qa/80803/how-to-fix-data-vocabulary-org-schema-deprecated-error?show=80803

 Before setting up I was getting 3 errors. Now I get 2 errors.

 The error position field is missing. 

Pages I get errors = home page and category page.

Q2A version: 1.8.5

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User Kudok Thanks bro;

kudok helped to deal with the problem thank you. The answer to the question: 

Adding the second code under the body tag. my mistake is adding it under the head tag.

 I am using Turkish translation, if I have mistakes, do not be sorry.

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testing-tool is an old verification tool.

Unable to interpret JavaScript.

Please check with the following tools.

So is this right here? Html to be found in the head <head> section of all pages. Sorry for bothering you. I am someone who uses wordpress and has no knowledge of code.
There is a place where you can "check" it, right?
Gray square.

If you check it (click with the mouse), the form will open.

Do your best after that. You can do it alone, maybe.

I will not answer anymore.
Thank you for your reply so far. Unfortunately I don't have a computer. I'm doing my site from the phone. My site: https://cointurk.online
Just tap with your finger. Gray square.
Clicking with the mouse is the same as tapping with your finger.

Really really this is the last.
I hope you can do it well.
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