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How to earn money on Q2A websites without AdSense ads ?

any idea ?

share your idea here
What's the problem with adsense?
user experience problem...from 15th june google will change the ranking of bad user experience sites.
But Q2A aren't that bad in them I suppose. Also

"We spoke with Rudy Galfi, the product lead on the Google Search ecosystem team, and he said they are not discussing how much each factor is weighted. Rudy did say that great content will still be the more important factor and great content with a poor page experience can still rank highly in Google search.

Great content is still supreme. Google made it clear that great content will still rank highly in Google Search, despite a poor page experience. “While all of the components of page experience are important, we will rank pages with the best information overall, even if some aspects of page experience are subpar. A good page experience doesn’t override having great, relevant content. However, in cases where there are multiple pages that have similar content, page experience becomes much more important for visibility in Search,” Google wrote.
hmmm...I seen on many SEO videos on YouTube that's why .... but still I want alternative. specially for mobile devices, on mobile devices google ads are irritating on Q2A sites. Since its a question answer site so I think we must keep the better user experience. what do you say ?
But any other ads will be as much irritating right? Those doing some informative posts can add Amazon's reference links for related products which if done properly can substitute Google ads. But unlike Google ads, this will need maintenance to update the products over time.
You can add paid memberships , and per ip 10-20 answers free then force to take any membership
well said @gateoverflow
@GATE Overflow Yes correct . ,, but I am thinking of taking money for registration.

@Brainiak yes thats what I am thinking about paid memberships.
but this will limit  your earnings and user
because most of traffic to q2a websites come from search engine , and there will many alternatives of your website for free , then why anybody choose you
but if removing ads give you better user experience and ranking
so I think membership is a better option.
and thanks for the idea of ip
any way to do that  Brainiak ?
developers can do that , you can check a website known as https://www.toppr.com/  they use this idea allow daily 10-15 questions and then force to login or register ,
can i check your website

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 @Zeeshan After searching a lot i am answering .

How to Earn Without Adsense ads ?

:- Go for other ad networks 

How to earn without ads ? 

::: You can earn By selling Points on Your website . 

Entire system ::

  1. User can purchase points or earn by answering , comments , voting etc .
  2. You can sell virtual products like { Video tutorials , Notes pdf , Badges , Weekly mentorship , Short term Courses , Exams , etc}
  3. You can charge more points for asking urgent  question -{ user will get answer within 20 min , 10 min as your choice }
  4. You can charge points for private message a expert 
  5. You can charge points for Video solution - {user ask question and selects option like need video solution }
  6. Viewing any answer can be free -{for video solution charge points }
  7. If you can teach and Your website has enough  traffic , you can add option like video chat with a mentor , teacher , as your need if you can 
  8. You can add many more things like this 

What will be the effect of this point system  ?

  1. user will take point system serious .
  2. Increase engagment of users
  3. The user need Extra point to buy perks as mentioned above can purchase points as 1000 points for $5 as your need .
  4. If you have more traffic then you can go for it , If content is best , anyone can buy it 

By @Brainiak