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How to earn money on Q2A websites without AdSense ads ?

any idea ?

share your idea here
because most of traffic to q2a websites come from search engine , and there will many alternatives of your website for free , then why anybody choose you
but if removing ads give you better user experience and ranking
so I think membership is a better option.
and thanks for the idea of ip
any way to do that  Brainiak ?
developers can do that , you can check a website known as https://www.toppr.com/  they use this idea allow daily 10-15 questions and then force to login or register ,
can i check your website

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 @Zeeshan After searching a lot i am answering .

How to Earn Without Adsense ads ?

:- Go for other ad networks 

How to earn without ads ? 

::: You can earn By selling Points on Your website . 

Entire system ::

  1. User can purchase points or earn by answering , comments , voting etc .
  2. You can sell virtual products like { Video tutorials , Notes pdf , Badges , Weekly mentorship , Short term Courses , Exams , etc}
  3. You can charge more points for asking urgent  question -{ user will get answer within 20 min , 10 min as your choice }
  4. You can charge points for private message a expert 
  5. You can charge points for Video solution - {user ask question and selects option like need video solution }
  6. Viewing any answer can be free -{for video solution charge points }
  7. If you can teach and Your website has enough  traffic , you can add option like video chat with a mentor , teacher , as your need if you can 
  8. You can add many more things like this 

What will be the effect of this point system  ?

  1. user will take point system serious .
  2. Increase engagment of users
  3. The user need Extra point to buy perks as mentioned above can purchase points as 1000 points for $5 as your need .
  4. If you have more traffic then you can go for it , If content is best , anyone can buy it 

By @Brainiak