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Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /qa-most-active-users.php on line 122

Thanks for you help

You'll have to provide a link to the plugin

Link https://github.com/ProThoughts/q2apro-most-active-users

Error in line 120

    $avatarImages[$username] = qa_get_user_avatar_html($user['flags'], $user['email'], $user['handle'], $user['avatarblobid'], $user['avatarwidth'], $user['avatarheight'], $avatarSize, true);

In PHP 8.0

Q2A versiĆ³n 1.8.6

Thanks for you help

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There are a few issues but I believe things should be fixed by turning this logical operator:

AND `handle`!='NULL'"


AND `handle` IS NOT NULL"

In this line and this one.

Apply those changes and let me know if it seems fixed.

As the previous fix didn't fix it, then you most likely have deleted users that have asked questions and can't be found now. Follow these steps:

1. Locate this line

2. Immediate before that line (i.e. between lines 119 and 120) add the following code:

if (is_null($user)) continue;
thanks for your help and unfortunately it did not work
I thought it would be the case, but there was a chance for it to get it fixed. With the updated version of the answer, now it should be :)
Thanks a lot.
It has worked perfectly