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Q2A Developers Community,

Please make Security & Backup Plugin for Q2A. Yes, It will be paid plugin.

Q2A version: 1.8.5
Why would you need a backup plugin? Just make a backup of the database and copy your config.php file. Optionally you could backup the entire application directory, but that isn't really necessary unless you modified the code (which you shouldn't).
You might need to save all the plugins/themes you have. The below free tool is a great one to use to sync the backup to gdrive or any other cloud provider.


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what you mean with "security and backup plugin". You need to explain every single details to the developers and what exact functionality you need. Plus, you need hire a developer and agree on a plugin price in prior.
I think the author want to security the web site through backup
And he do not see any options for this in admin panl