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Hi, I want to know how can i enter youtube video in answers and i have tried to do copy-paste url in the flash box, but didn't get the results. I am afraid am i missing something?or is this a bug in version 1.4.3. Here is the link on which, i would like to add youtube video


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Try to install the  https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-embed plugin.

Then you just put the uTube link in your post.


I have version 1.4.3 and i replaced q2a-embed plugin with the latest from github as you said, but its not working. I went to WYSIWG editor and clicked on the flash and pasted the url.  I feel that q2a-embed plugin may be having some bug, since its a bet version.

Please help me with if you can go the my site and add any youtube video
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Works fine for me...


don't use the flash button, just paste the YouTube video url into the body... simple :)
thanks a lot, it was a no brainer, i was trying to do in different way. I am glad that i got my answer so quickly.

thanks again