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Is there any simple way how to check if the installed plugins/add-ons are up-to-date?

It would be great if I could check that from the admin backend.

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Not yet, but check out the roadmap for 1.5:


  • Update detection for themes and plugins.
It would be really great if it's not too much work to indicate on the plugin list whether a particular plugin already checks itself or whether I still need to go through the downloads and check the version manually.
Fair comment, but FYI if there's no item in brackets showing the version check and its result, then the plugin doesn't include auto version checking.
I didn't know that it would be visible on the backend, I thought the old-type plugins would just look like the new type when there is no updates available.
So, as you describe it, it is sufficient for what I need.
All my plugins should check with latest code... the admin plugin now has an option to show a notice to admin every x hours if there are updateable plugins.