Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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After all the work and extensive months put towards this project, it's finally here!!

Polaris Theme (Soft PWA)

A carefully thought Material Design theme for Question2Answer.

It has everything you'd wish for a website. It's Fast, Elegant, RTL ready, Dark Mode option, Mobile ready & much more ...

Polaris demo - Live Demo 
Purchase - Buy now!

(Or scan QR code to test it on your phone!)

Carefully Thought

Every step of its development was carefully thought, crafted and perfected to improve the feels and needs for a better user experience.

Responsive Design

With a mobile friendly design to ensure people can still visit your website while waiting in line for their morning coffee.

Well Structured w/ Great Performance

Well structured, with zero HTML Validation errors.

Scores high in Gtmetrix Speed Test. It's over 9000!!! (https://gtmetrix.com/tested)

Plugin Compatibility

As of now, Polaris is compatible with: Q2A history, Blog, Pip box, Pupi reactions, Pupi activity/points chart, Question counter, Tag Search, Advanced Search by Pupi, Just a Bump by Pupi, Prev Next Questions widget plugin, Q2A Google Search.

Fired up, ready to go!

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Time for some screenshots:

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Polaris demo - Live Demo 
Purchase - Buy now!

(Or scan QR code to test it on your phone!)

@gold-developer Thank you for the new Polaris update, it's getting better and better, you're doing a great job :-) I'm very happy that you've integrated the q2a-pupi-fns-master plugin. I think it will be an advantage for the future because the plugin can be easily adapted for different themes and plugins.
@gold-developer Thank you for the new update. I'm very happy that the Just A Bump plugin is working now :-) The message symbol in the user profile also looks good.
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Does this support Arabic and rtl?
@SAQ Yes, the theme supports RTL. It's mentioned on the Question's description.

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I have found that the q2a-pm-adapter-master plugin unfortunately does not work with the Polaris theme. That's too bad. Is there an alternative method to send a private message to a user?
Sorry, I just saw that there is a nice icon in the profile picture to send a private message. However, it would be nice if there was an additional link at the top of the navigation.
Not sure about appending it to the Sub Navigation, Although I've been thinking about swapping the icon to a more obvious icon, like an envelope, and move it next to the 'follow user' button.
Yes, I think you can't see the symbol very well, I only discovered it now.