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In sidebar show top ten user with avatar and points.

This site implement this: http://makeupqa.wiseshe.com

I think this will encourage user to register and ask and answer more.

Good idea. You can ask the www owner to make a plugin or ask him for the code - then someone from community will easier wrap it into a nice plugin.
I think NoahY can solve it .... I like the look of this plugin.
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very nice this plugin. Could you share please?


Thank you.

+1 for such a plugin

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Top user plugin: http://question2answer.org/qa/1523/showing-popular-contributors-in-sidebar

you can output user avatars with this code:

$avatarImages[$username] = qa_get_user_avatar_html($user['flags'], $user['email'], $user['handle'], $user['avatarblobid'], $user['avatarwidth'], $user['avatarheight'], qa_opt('avatar_users_size'), true);

"<li>".$avatarImages[$key]." ".qa_get_one_user_html($key, false).'</li>';

check full code for image output here: Widget (Plugin): Most Active Users per Week or Month