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how do I add show google maps Long Lat and city state while posting questions,

For example I will take a picture of plant in jungle and want to ask users what is the name of plant and also share Google Maps location how can I build this feature. please guide
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As I believe there are multiple ways to achieve that. Here are two of them.

Approach 1

Modify the editor and get the EXIF data while uploading an image and storing it in the database so you can retrieve it. With that, you can get the location info. Now you can use that data for your google map.

Note: I have never modified CKEditor for such a feature, So you might have to look at the docs for more details.

Approach 2

Upload images separately, modifying add question/answer forms. That is how you can easily collect EXIF data from the picture, and, finally, you can use it for Google Maps.

I would love to know if any of these works for you.

would you be interested to build this feature ?
I would love to make this feature. Please PM me.