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Q2A Honeypot

Free Spam Prevention Plugin.

This plugin creates a simple Javascript honeypot for spam bots on User Registration , preventing them from auto-filling fields and completing user registration.

Github - Q2A-Honeypot

Few days ago I launched a brand new website and immediately started getting loads of Spam Bot registrations. So I decided to write a JS code to target those emails in which spam bots were coming from, and preventing them from being used in user registration fields. But they were still getting through.

Then I thought: Wait... I'm doing this wrong... I should be targeting only the ones I want to get through (like @gmail, @hotmail etc.) to avoid having this huge list of rejected emails. But somehow bots were still getting through.

So I continued coding, and doing some more research, and stumbled upon the honeypotting concept and put together the plugin above.

This could go up another level of complexity and gather reports and study the blocked bots, but for now this simple code is doing its job and has been blocking 100% of the spam on my website.

Awesome work. Thanks for updating here brother
I installed and enabled this plugin.
After 24 hours I got 741 spam registrations!
I think it is not working well, please have a look.
Blockers are no longer effective anymore. This is a public project, so people dissected the code and worked their way to bypass it...

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v1.1 - Support for Register, Ask and Feedback pages.
Github - Q2A Honeypot