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Hello, excuse my English, I looked everywhere, I use the default theme, I do not know where I can change the color of links in sidebar that I have marked in the image attached.



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good to learn how css works... there's lots of info on the Internet.  Stackoverflow.com is a good place to start.

This should work, for example:

.qa-sidepanel a {


Hello, the problem is not learning how to use CSS, I changed the colors to most of the theme but I can not find how to change the link indicated in the picture, I can not find a matching in CSS.
That's because there is no matching css.  You have to use something similar to what I used above.  Does the above code not work for you?
No, if I put that code changes color throughout the text.
If you look at the links on the sidebar in "green theme" is a different color, as it did?
Solved: in CSS add code color to: qa-nav-cat-link
But there are still others, I only did the links in the sidebar.