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In my Q2A site when i write an answer in bengali and format that in WISIWYG editor and submit the answer, most of the time in one submit it being submitted twice (multiple answer per user enabled in settings). But there is no problem in English answer. In bengali answer first submit being an answer and second submit appearing as duplicate error because it's the same text in both submit. Screenshot below.

And it's not even the main problem. Because I can stop this error by disabling multiple answer per user. But when it is disabled and I submit a answer in bengali answer being submitted but page reloads instead of ajax posting. And when this type of thing happens On Site Notification Plugin doesn't send answer notification for that answer.

You can try recreate this error on test.tdbangla.com

Q2A version: 1.8.6

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I found it's solution, the problem created by On Site Notifications Plugin, now I deleted the plugin and there is no problem now