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The language/font is breaking in Q&A. But not in all Q&A.
In some questions and answers it breaks, but others don't.

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এডিটর প্লাগিন কি সবগুলো ডিলিট করে দিয়েছেন নাকি???
Translation: Did the editor delete all the plugins?
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I've updated your question, but I strongly advise a read on this article - https://question2answer.org/qa/82349/community-how-to-ask-a-good-question

- Write titles that are descriptive of your question, do not write titles like "Please, how to solve this".
- Do not include print screens as text for the body of your question. Instead you should write the actual text. Not print screen a question you already asked somewhere else.
  Print screens are additions to help describe your problem. Like the second image you posted.
- And finally, include the relevant tags for your question.

I see you've been a member of this community for quite some time now, so at this point you should already know that good questions, get good answers.
Keep improving. You got this! yes

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@Mostafa Sk While I understand you want to show camaraderie, Content should always be posted in English. A few words like "hello" here and there doesn't hurt,  but English is the language to be used.

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