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In homepage or any where in question list I want to link answer count to answer section of that question, so people can click on answer count to go to answer section.
Q2A version: 1.8.6

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[Solved] Here's how I did it

Just add this function on your theme if you want to do so, if a_count function already exists in your theme then replace with this

 public function a_count($post)


  if (@$post['answers_raw'] != 0) {

   $this->output('<a href="' . $post['url'] . '#a_list" class="qa-a-count-link">');


  $this->output_split(@$post['answers'], 'qa-a-count', 'span', 'span',

   @$post['answer_selected'] ? 'qa-a-count-selected' : (@$post['answers_raw'] ? null : 'qa-a-count-zero'));

  if (@$post['answers_raw'] != 0) {