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 How to make faster? I have inserted more than 2M+ questions, answer and comments including users  from my 4 sites. I used localhost server (laragon). 

what will be the best practice for indexing all the data? 

I have to add more  databases later. then the total posts size may be more than 10M+

Here is all the infos; 

Administration center - Stats

Question2Answer version: 1.8.6
Build date: 2021-04-20
Latest version: 1.8.6
Q2A database version: 67
Database size: 3,086.1 MB
PHP version: 7.4.19
MySQL version: 5.7.33
Total questions: 482,158
Total questions unanswered: 68,292
From users: 482,158
From anonymous: 0
Total answers: 2,039,441
From users: 2,039,441
From anonymous: 0
Total comments: 160,623
From users: 160,623
From anonymous: 0
Registered users: 645,702
Users who posted: 569,782
Users who voted: 535,417
Q2A version: 1.8.6

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