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Hello Team

We're experiencing some issues with this website; it's taking a while to add new questions. I tried the standard suspects and disabled every plugin on the template, but nothing changed. even thoroughly cleaned Cloudflare's cache, but unfortunately, nothing worked.

Thus, I made the decision to slightly speed up the server. upgraded to a plan that functions as follows:

180 GB NVMe 4-based CPUs

Memory: 8 GB; Bandwidth: 6 TB

Hopefully not, however the problem still exists. Are there any bright minds out there that have ideas about how to approach this? Using Q2A version 1.8.8, if that adds any significance. We greatly value your wisdom!

Thank you

David Warner
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I encountered the same problem and after several experiments I found the solution. Contact me
Hi @Mohammed 1

Could you provide a solution publicly that would benefit all Q2A developers?

I kindly request you to share the solution in this answer, as I believe it addresses a fundamental issue with Q2A, especially when the site experiences significant data and traffic.

Thank you
As @jessicas said, it would be nice to edit your answer and share the solution with the community. Otherwise, this is more of a comment and I'll be moving it as a comment to the question.
I solved the problem by moving the site to another hosting provider and the problem was solved. I think there is an error in Q2A that causes it to be incompatible with some hosting providers.

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